Digital Silo executes stateless tasks, aka Grains in an asynchronous scalable serverless environment. It accelerates the steps of making an application serverless-ready by helping developers concentrate on business logic only.

Digital Silo is serverless

Whatever Digital Silo does is not running on a dedicated server or server farm. The sky is the limit, and the grain processing kernel resides on serverless infrastructure. What happens behind the scene stays there without getting developers involved with managing that spectrum.

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It's RESTful, integration made easy!

Digital Silo’s integration gate is a simple RESTful Web API that allows developers to integrate their applications regardless of their adopted coding technology to submit or terminate grains effortlessly. Responses are communicated back over WebSockets asynchronously as soon as they become ready.

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Easy-to-develop grains

A grain is a stateless component that encapsulates a specific business logic that runs throughout Digital Silo. Introducing a grain is as simple as following a few key steps.

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Submit and forget!

Just activate the grains by submitting their respective payloads, aka requests in JSON format, via a single entry point. Digital Silo will notify your client application promptly once the grain processing result becomes available.

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Flexible in coding, flexbile in action

Digital Silo is a collection of independent tasks. Its abstracted layers makes it flexible enough to accommodate the fulfillment instructions by facilitating running grains in any order, lining them up, or deferring each grain’s process to the future.

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It's Secure

All components and tiers of Digital Silo, starting from the client application, are secured by Microsoft Azure’s Active Directory system. Digital Silo rejects requests made without a valid authorization token to ensure that the trusted origins are served only.

Visual progress status

Digital Silo keeps reporting the progress status of grains throughout WebSockets. Replicate this Digital Silo’s UI Github repository and start watching how your grains’ progress unfolds in real-time!

Scalable . Abstract . Modern

Digital Silo helps companies using .NET to build scalable, modern and Azure-ready serverless applications. It eliminates the burden of infrastructure-driven implementation by abstracting it. Digital Silo lets developers concentrate on constructing their business logic code, not the infrastructure.

Only three steps, or maybe two!

You are just a few steps away from scaling your .NET application by Digital Silo.

1. Develop the grains

Download our free .NET SDK to implement your business logic tasks aka grains.

2. Provision the Silo

Download and run the build pipeline to deploy Digital Silo to your Azure subscription. You need to do it only once!

3. Deploy the grains

Upload your implemented .NET grains to your Digital Silo’s provisioned Azure storage.

Keep up your modern .NET coding pattern

Digital Silo’s base grain processor supports modern coding patterns, and developers can use Microsoft’s dependency injection container to develop their grains’ processors and inject dependencies.