Digital Silo collects grains’ payloads via a couple of RESTful Web API actions and communicates the processing result asynchronously through web sockets. A couple of web actions have been designated too to be able to terminate the under-process grains. So, the client applications developed in any programming language only need to integrate these two communication characteristics to send JSON payloads and receive asynchronous responses.

Follow this link to take a peek at Digital Silo’s Open API documentation.

We’ve got .NET developers’ back

Digital Silo’s SDK is in .NET to integrate with the silo using programming languages like C# and VB.NET. The SDK provides a robust and easy way to submit grains’ payloads and listen to the processing results published by the silo over WebSockets.

Digital Silo’s SDK is an open-source C# project that can be cloned from this Github repo. The associated integration test projects found in the repo are great examples in C# to illustrate submitting grains individually or in a batch and terminating them.

A cool fact

The entire Digital Silo was built using C#!